El Mac : peinture murale à Cuba


El Mac est un street artiste productif qui ne cesse de faire parler de lui. Tout juste après avoir réalisé une peinture murale monumentale à Mexico, le voici reparti pour Cuba (ce qui reste assez exceptionnel pour un artiste américain), à l’occasion de la 11ème biennale de la Havane, pour peindre une nouvelle pièce intitulée, “El Corazón de un Sueño Palpita Entre Mis Manos”, inspirée d’un poème du célèbre poète cubain, Jose Ángel Buesa.

“CIFO is a highly respected and influential institution, whose main participation in the Biennial was a huge exhibition of works from the Cisneros-Fontanals collection at the National Museum of Fine Arts, and this mural was their only other project for the Biennial. UNEAC, on the other hand, is essentially a cultural branch of the Cuban government, and for them to support a U.S. artist in painting a mural in Cuba is groundbreaking. There aren’t many non-political murals at all in Cuba, and there’s not that much graffiti either. Being a US citizen, and considering the ongoing history of strained relations between the two countries, and the fact that nobody had any idea what I would paint, and considering this was a highly visible wall facing Havana’s “Avenue of the Presidents”, I felt a lot of pressure. I almost always feel a sense of obligation when painting public murals to do something that can inspire people, maybe something that can uplift in some small way, but I felt that more than ever with this project. I ended up painting a figure based on photos I took of a local lady named Adis Naranjo, who works in the kitchen at the UNEAC offices. I wanted to paint someone that could personify the average Cuban, and Adis seemed perfect for this with her mix of African, Native and European ancestry. She is represented as powerful and hopeful, and the colors around her hands can suggest energy or creativity. The title of the mural is “El Corazón de un Sueño Palpita Entre Mis Manos”, which is from a poem by the great Cuban poet Jose Ángel Buesa.” – El Mac

Pour plus d’info je vous conseille de jeter un oeil sur le billet que l’artiste a poster sur son blog.



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